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Limited edition prints: We have a library of our current prints for offer accessable to you. The images will be updated regularly. If you would like to acquire a canvas or a paper print, you can order by contacting us via email or phone. When you browse our portfolio and click on the image you fancy, more information will appear. Generally limited editions are restricted to 50 prints per size.

Both, canvas and paper prints, are signed by the artist and have written on them the number of the print and the edition size. Limited edition prints can be ordered mounted or unmounted for paper prints, and stretched or unstretched for canvas prints.

If you would like a print of an image that does not appear on this website but you have seen in an exhibition or in a book, do please ask us. We can often meet special requests.

Custom work: Transform your favourite photo into an art form. Either printed on quality canvas, unstretched or stretched over hand made bars, or as paper prints - framed or unframed. We can print sizes of up to several meters length and 43cm width. Please check out our image requirements to make sure the print is of high quality regarding printing resolution. Please enquire for printing low-resolution images, as with some additional work we might be able to still provide you with a high-quality print.

Image Requirements: top

How big can I print my photos?
The quality of your print from your digital camera or other digital file will depend largely upon the size of the image. Getting the right image size/quality setting on your camera is crucial to get the most from your purchase. Image size directly relates to the number of pixels you capture with each shot. Image quality relates to how much compression is used on the resulting image file. For general use, please see the chart below. Read here more about print qualities for magazines and books.

Image Size
640 x 460
600 x 600
1024 x 768
1260 x 960
1600 x 1200
2048 x 1536
2400 x 1600
2832 x 2128
8.0 +
3264 x 2448

This said, we want to encourage you to send us your file and we tell you what size we will feel comfortable to print it on. If you have a 640 x 460 image that you want printed, you can still get a good quality image by printing on canvas at 10"x8". The quality of the photo will also depend on the quality of the camera and how much light is in the shot as digital snapshot cameras are notriously bad in low light. If it looks good on your computer and at least fills your computer screen, then we should be able to give you a good

Equipment we use: top

Camera: Nikon equipment

Printer: Epson Stylus Pro 4000

Printing Media: We currently offer canvas and paper (Epson Enhanced Matte) prints.

Canvas Stretching: Our canvas strecher bars are handmade from pine wood, each individually crafted to your canvas specifications. We specialize in light-weight canvas frames, weighing only a fraction of other stretcher bars. You can choose between two frame depths for your canvas print, 0.6" (150mm) and 1.2" (300mm). For smaller sizes we recommend choosing the smaller frame depth for canvas prints under or around 20x20cm in size and the larger frame depth for canvas prints over that size. We hand-stretch your finished canvas print around the custom strecher bars using artist's canvas stretching pliers. The canvas is then fastened securely at the back of the frame using staples. The staples are at the back, so they will not be visible when your canvas is on display. Our canvas frames come with picture hooks already fastened to the backside of the frame plus picture wire, so you can display your work of art as soon as it is delivered.

Frame Making: Traditionally only paper prints are framed and matted. The purpose of a mat is to keep the image face from touching glass and to enhance the image or match a frame or decor to the image. We will discuss with you beforehand what size of frame margin you want to have in your print. Our mats are made from acid free materials. This is important since materials containing acids can eventually yellow or brown print paper plus cause it to deteriorate. We use an acid free cardboard backer for the mat and print. When adhering the print to the mat we use special art mounting tape which is double faced. We do not use masking, carpet or other tape or glue since these will damage the paper print if it is ever removed from the matting and negate any value. We also use a dust cover of paper covering the back of the frame. For glassing we use special highly UV resistant glass for our portfolio prints. Ir requested, we can use more cost-efficient glass for customized prints. We use modern wood frame mouldings, and depending on request we can keep a wooden structure or put on a black coat. top

FAQ: top

What kind of photos can you print?
We do our best to transfer all photos into art work, be it a canvas print or a conventional framed print. Please see our image requirements regarding maximum sizes depending on the digital quality of the photos. We offer digital retouch service of your files to provide you with a suberb quality of the final print for a small fee.

What kind of sizes can I have my photo printed?
You should select a print size that matches the aspect ratio of your original image. However, we help you to get the best out of your photo. If you want a panorama-like print but only have a normal landscape aspect ratio shot, we might be able to crop/alter it. It also can involve changing the ratio of the dimensions or splitting it up for a panel arrangment. Depending on the work involved we might charge you a small fee after discussing the options with you.

Will my printed photo look exactly like on my computer screen?
An image that looks bright and clear on the screen should produce a superb print. An image that is dark or dull on the screen produces a disappointing print with a commercial printing service. However, we offer alteration service and try our best to turn your photo into an amazing shot. Therefore do not give up hope and send us your file. We come back to you with the printing option. Furthermore, digital photos do not look the same on each monitor. We use professional monitor calibration software to ensure the highest quality of our prints. Your monitor might not be calibrated right. Click here to see our calibration image. You may use this to calibrate your monitor for best printing results.

How much information do I lose when the photo is stretched around canvas?
We can alter the original photo so that no information will be lost at the sides of the stretched canvas print. We also give you the option of having a blank or colored side.

Can I get an impression of how the photo looks like printed?
Before we carry out any printing we send you a digital proof of the finished product.

How long will it take?
We normally allow up to 7 working days from when your order is placed and payment is received until it arrives at your door. We can however make alternative arrangements if required.

Can you alter/retouch my photos?
Yes, we are professional photographers with extensive experience in enhancing photographs. Depending on the amount of time spent, there may be an additional charge for this service, however any cropping and/or minor alterations will be free of charge with your order.

How much is the postage?
Postage depends on size and location. Please contact us for enquiries.

I only have the photo, not a digital copy can you still do it?
Depending on the size, we might be able to scan your print (negative) for you. Please enquire for this service.

How do I hang it?
If you order a stretched canvas print or a framed paper print, all you have to do is find the place to put it! The mounted canvas/frame comes complete with a hook on the back ready to liven up your room. top










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